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Our Story

When traditional places of practice closed, we built a new one. It started as a substitute for physical practice with some friends, and our founding teachers and members immediately embraced the advantages of virtual yoga at home.

We re-imagined yoga practice for a new era and have been building The Bow Bungalow since, committing to deliver the best possible virtual yoga experience at accessible prices. Our entire model is designed for virtual connections, where our growing community of dedicated teachers support and guide your practice and personal journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the questions and we’ve got the answers!

Becoming a Member

I am not in the United Kingdom. Can I still join?2020-09-03T10:55:47+01:00

Our classes are virtual, so you can join from anywhere around the world, like some of our current members in the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Colombia and Greece! For now, we are focusing on the UK market, so class times are based on GMT/BST and payment in GBP.

Do you have minimum terms for membership?2020-08-25T06:59:42+01:00

Nope. Life is agile, dynamic and fluid. We don’t believe in locking anyone in to any minimum-term contract. You are free to cancel before the end of your current month.

How do I cancel my membership?2020-08-31T16:57:16+01:00

If you want to sneak off without letting us know, the DIY option is to sign-in to your account and terminate your contract. If you want to say goodbye or need a little help, e-mail [email protected]. Remember to cancel at least 3 business days before the next month of your membership begins.

Choosing and Booking Classes

I am completely new to yoga. Do you offer a beginner’s course?2021-02-18T14:47:29+00:00

Yes! We specialise in helping beginners start their yoga practice, and making that experience welcoming, accessible and supportive. E-mail us at [email protected] to learn more about our beginners course.

How do I book classes?2021-03-15T12:01:09+00:00

Our class booking system runs on MindBody, the industry standard. You can book via our website, or through the MindBody app which is available on iOs and Adroid. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when booking, and a link to join the class 60 minutes before class starts.

How far in advance do I need to book?2020-08-25T07:05:52+01:00

You can book up until the final minute before class starts, but we recommended booking as soon as possible to avoid any technical issues. The MindBody App is glitchy sometimes – you may need to refresh or close / open the app if something doesn’t look right.

What is your class cancelation policy?2020-08-25T07:06:38+01:00

We know life is busy and things come up – so we have a flexible cancelation policy for classes. You can cancel your class online or on the MindBody app at any point up to the start of your class. If you cancel in time, your account will be credited. If you don’t cancel, it will not be credited or refunded. Deal?

Participating in Online Classes

I did not receive the class link; what do I do?2021-03-15T12:04:29+00:00

Check your spam, junk and promotional folders, before e-mailing us at [email protected]. The link to join the class is sent 1 hour before class starts from The Bow Bungalow. Please add [email protected] in your contacts to prevent emails ending up in your spam folder.

How do I join the class?2020-08-25T07:08:38+01:00

All you need to do to join the class is click on the Click Here to Join button in the email.

I am new to Zoom, how does it work?2020-08-25T07:09:26+01:00

To avoid a last-minute rush, set Zoom up on your phone or computer as soon as you have the class link. Simply click the link and it’ll prompt you to download the app. When it’s time to join the class, click the link again.

Do I need to turn my camera on?2020-08-25T07:10:22+01:00

When you join, your camera won’t be showing to begin with, so we encourage you to click the ‘start video’ button. That way the teacher and others can see you and you can interact, which is an important part of our online classes. You can switch the camera off if you are shy.

Are the classes recorded?2020-08-25T07:11:13+01:00

Nope. We believe in using the technology to connect with you virtually to teach you in real-time, rather than record classes for you to “follow along”. Besides, we heard that students feel more accountable when taking live classes!

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of an online class?2020-08-25T07:12:03+01:00

Yes! Make your space comfortable. Clear the space as best you can, moving furniture to the side so that you have room to practise safely. Try hooking up your laptop to your television so you can see the teacher as big as possible. Good speakers also help you hear the teacher better. Light some incense or a nice candle.

What if my kids or pets come into the video?2020-08-25T07:12:47+01:00

Practising yoga at home often means more distractions. It helps to turn off your phone notifications and separate yourself from the rest of the world as best you can. We’ve noticed kids and pets love to join in and we don’t mind if you don’t!

What props do I need?2020-08-25T07:13:35+01:00

It depends on the class you take and your flexibility. It’s great if you have yoga props like a brick, block or strap, but don’t worry if you don’t. Improvise with books, blankets, a belt and pillows. Have these things handy if you are unsure or ask your teacher before class starts.

Learning More about The Bow Bungalow

What’s with the weird name?2020-08-25T07:14:29+01:00

For us… The Bow pose is a heart opener that empowers us to be vulnerable and conquer our fears. The Bungalow is a modest single-story house with origins in India, now found throughout the world. This business was also conceived and created from our founder’s home – a Bungalow in the Bow neighbourhood in London. But more importantly… what does it mean for you?

Why did you create The Bow Bungalow?2020-08-25T07:15:08+01:00

We believe yoga is for everyone and anyone. Yoga is not only about complicated and fancy poses. In fact, the Sanskrit word for poses (Asana) literally means seat’. We envision The Bow Bungalow to be the (virtual) place where you can find classes and teachers to practice yoga that is personal to you – no matter who you are.

Why do you only offer online classes?2020-08-25T07:15:45+01:00

Online is just a tool for students and teachers to connect. It’s not meant to replace physical classes entirely, but we think it’s a pretty good way for students to access good teachers in the digital age.

What are your future plans?2020-08-25T07:17:13+01:00

One thing we learned in 2020 is that the future is uncertain. We’ll take things one day at a time. We will focus on two core objectives: 1) making good yoga practice more accessible and 2) giving good teachers better opportunities. We will keep our eye on these two things, and if you or your rich Uncle wants to help us grow, give us a shout. Seriously, we are looking for investors. 🙂

Try Us for One Month

We’re re-imagining yoga for a new, virtual world. Join us at The Bow Bungalow, where you can de-stress, learn and practice from the comfort of your home.

Trial unlimited yoga, barre and meditation classes for just £20.


Try Us for One Month

We’re re-imagining yoga for a new, virtual world. Join us at The Bow Bungalow, where you can de-stress, learn and practice from the comfort of your home.

Trial unlimited yoga, barre and meditation classes for just £20.


What people are saying

I’ve done some pre-recorded classes on YouTube and live on Instagram where I just quit after 20 minutes. Having a live teacher keeps me motivated.
Innovative concept studio with super friendly teachers and great customer service!
Great teachers with clear guidance and options to move deeper into poses. Classes are measured, careful and mindful.

I love practicing at home. No need to plan logistics of change of clothes, shower, equipment, etc.  I can just get out of bed, practice and get to work.


I’ve done some yoga on YouTube. Now having some instruction from teachers (albeit virtually) is great benefit to better understand body positioning.


Having practiced casually for several years, the Yoga Foundations Course was a great way to get back into yoga again.


Planning around studio classes used to be impossible given my demanding job. Now I can just jump into a class when I have time from home.

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